About Us

SAG operates in the field of gas springs since 1975. Our long experience allows us to present ourselves not only as a specialist but also as a leader on the market.

Commitment and competence have led SAG to increase further its range of products, which today includes: standard gas springs, stainless steel gas springs, lockable gas springs, traction gas springs, pressure adjustable gas springs, dampers and connections for gas springs, with a wide range of possible applications: automotive, nautical, furniture, medical technology and other industrial applications.

At SAG, customer satisfaction is a top priority, reached by offering products of high quality, reliable, available, ready for delivery at competitive prices and respecting the environment.

The forty-years presence on the gas spring market is a guarantee of SAG’s reliability, competence and efficiency. In addition, we offer our customers insurance coverage on all material sold, relieving our clients of any costs incurred and/or any damage caused to persons or things.

In order to keep up with latest developments and to promote constant innovation, we participate in major national and international fairs.

Perchè scegliere noi

  • Product quality and reliability
  • Product availability
  • Insurance coverage
  • Fast delivery
  • Expertise
  • Competence
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
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